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Intercessions of Mercy

ISBN13: 9780879464042

ISBN10: 0879464046


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  • Prayer is one of the most time-honored traditions of the Catholic faith. Every day, men and women find comfort, joy and greater compassion as they seek to know and receive the mercy of God. Sr. Joy Clough invites readers to explore the many facets of Gods love in the beautifully crafted prayer book, Intercessions of Mercy. This inspirational prayer volume offers a practical approach to petitioning Gods help and provision on behalf of family members, friends, colleagues, community and business leaders, and the less fortunate around the world.

    Designed for individuals and group settings, Intercessions of Mercy journeys through the liturgical cycle of seasons and feasts, providing thought-provoking and inspired invocations for each day. Each intercession is organized with an Opening, Intercession, Prayer and Closing to guide users in their prayers for the safety and well-being of others.

    Readers will find a myriad of topics and focus areas, ranging from age-old concerns for the protection of children and the disenfranchised to more contemporary issues, such as unemployment and fair business practices. Intercessions of Mercy addresses each need through the lens of Gods unending faithfulness, with the hope that those who pray the intercessions will act with compassion to create more caring homes, workplaces, churches and communities.

    Intercessions of Mercy is perfect for individuals hoping to enrich their personal prayer lives. Church or social groups that join in faith for the betterment of their homes and communities will also be inspired by this collection of prayers that praise, thank and plead with God on behalf of our world.

  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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Intercessions of Mercy

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