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Author(s): Jack Mcardle

ISBN13: 9781856075831

ISBN10: 1856075834


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  • The author says: I wrote this book because I wanted to clarify many things for myself. We are all familiar with the saying, A life without reflection is a life not worth living. When we reflect, we are given insights.

    There are so many ways of looking at things, so many ways of understanding, so many levels of association. The one thing that has greatly motivated me over the years, in my writing, and retreats, was a conviction that the message was really very simple. It is a simple message for complicated people.

    I gave a talk recently to a group and, at the end of my talk, a man of seventy-four years of age turned to his daughter and said, Its really very simple, isnt it? I hope that we remember that. The remark was relayed to me, and it was the highlight of my night, because I knew the man quite well, and I was thrilled that he captured the core message of what I was trying to get across.

    These insights are nothing more than that. I do not claim any insider information on God, or things of God. I present these because they genuinely did help me, and I offer them to you in the hope that they help you also.

  • Jack Mcardle

    Jack McArdle is a priest of our Sacred Hearts Community in Dublin. He is the author of numerous beat-selling books of spirituality including ‘Jesus said It and I Believe It’ and ‘It’s Really Very Simple’. A popular speaker and retreat-leader, he has also presented a series of Spirit Level on RTE.1.Introduction
    2.The First Joyful Mystery THE ANNUNCIATION
    3.The Second Joyful Mystery THE VISITATION
    4.The Third Joyful Mystery THE NATIVITY
    5.The Fourth Joyful Mystery THE PRESENTATION
    6.The Fifth Joyful Mystery THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE
    7.The First Sorrow Mystery THE AGONY IN THE GARDEN
    8.The Second Sorrow Mystery THE SCOURING AT THE PILAR
    9.The Third Sorrow Mystery THE CROWNING WITH THORNS
    10.The Fourth Sorrow Mystery THE CARRYING OF THE CROSS
    11.The Fifth Sorrow Mystery THE CRUCIFIXION
    12.The First Glorious Mystery THE RESURECTION
    13.The Second Glorious Mystery THE ASCENSION
    14.The Third Glorious Mystery THE DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
    15.The Fourth Glorious Mystery THE ASSUMPTION
    16.The Fifth Glorious Mystery THE CORONATION

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