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Inquiring Faith

Author(s): Tadeusz Dajczer

ISBN13: 9780954332747

ISBN10: 0954332741


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  • Inquiring Faith is a book about the inner life that has become a bestseller in the field of Christian Spirituality; so far it has been published in twenty languages.

    The author, Father Tadeusz Dajczer, was born in 1931 and completed a doctorate at the Gregorian University in Rome. In his book, he invites the reader to examine faith in an unconventional way, which is rooted on a sound theology of spiritual life. In so doing, the ongoing call to radicalism in Christian faith meets the idea of New Evangelization. The book affirms the obvious truth that everything we have comes from God. Everything is a gift that we should be ready to return to God, because He wants our goodness. This book is an important spiritual aid and makes a constant call to abandon us to God.

    Inquiring Faith has provided spiritual inspiration to thousands of people who desire to examine the depth of their faith in everyday life. It should be seen as the fundamental message on mysticism presented in contemporary language.

    The Most Reverend Christopher Jones, Bishop of Elphin, gives the Imprimatur for the English Edition and wrote the foreword: "This book "Inquiring Faith" by Fr Tadeusz Dajczer comes when it is most needed. I do hope and pray that many, many of our people will have the opportunity of reading it and reflecting seriously on its contents. I thank and congratulate Fr. Tadeusz for this publication. Our world today promotes the pursuit of power, status, wealth and pleasure. The spiritual dimension of life is forgotten. God is pushed more and more from the centre to the sidelines of our hearts, our homes and communities. The more self-sufficient we get, the less room there seems to be for faith, for God."

  • Tadeusz Dajczer

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    Inquiring faith is a spiritual thriller. Already a best seller in the field of Christian spirituality, it has been published in 20 different languages. My own curiosity was aroused on discovering that the book is endorsed by Fr Rene Laurentin, the well-known Marian writer and also contains a letter from Pope John Paul II expressing his thoughts and a desire that the book may be a means of fruitful apostleship. From the early stages of reading the book I was brought, with ease, into the company of saints like Francis of Assisi, John of the Cross and Therese of Lisieux. Instead of feeling they were spiritual giants, I found I could identify with experiences that contributed towards their spiritual greatness. This aroused in me a desire to take another look at the lives of some of these people whom I had relegated to the sidelines of my life.

    Through scripture in the text of Inquiring faith, life in all its scenarios becomes vibrant and more meaningful. I found that scripture comes to life within the pages of this book. Our Lady encourages us to go forward with simplicity of heart and mind as she did when she gave her own fiat. The sacraments also take on new meaning, fresh fervour developing from understanding how God has fashioned us to grow in a sacramental environment.

    On reading the first few chapters I recognized that several friends would find this book not only encouraging but also life changing, hence I purchased several copies. The feedback so far has been immense gratitude for such a jewel.

    The book is hard to put down once started, and there is a great temptation to read it from cover to cover in one sitting. However it is worthwhile resisting this temptation in order to savour the content of each enthralling chapter.

    The main heart of this exciting book I have not divulged but leave for you to find and delight in. To say there will be more orders for Inquiring faith is true, I cannot think of a better gift for those friends who will appreciate and value its content. This book is a must.

    - Patricia Hodnett from Portsmouth Cathedral Parish


Inquiring Faith

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