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Infinitely Beloved: Challenge of Divine Intimacy

Author(s): Biran Thorne

ISBN13: 9780232525076

ISBN10: 0232525072


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  • "A person-centered therapist and committed Anglican, Brian Thorne explores theological and psychological contributions to our understanding of the human person. He finds that both disciplines bear responsibility for presenting views of human nature which, because of their negativity, reinforce feelings of guilt, worthlessness and powerlessness." "In seeking to counter this, Brian Thorne draws on the perspective offered by humanistic psychology and the mystical tradition in Christian experience. Particular attention is paid in the first chapter to The Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich and to the work of the American psychologist and therapist, Carl Rogers. The fourteenth-century mystic and the twentieth-century therapist offer views of the person which are permeated by hope and inspired by the operation of transformational love." Subsequent chapters explore the remarkable story of Finchden Manor, a therapeutic community for adolescents founded by the late George Lyward and, in contrast, the dominant culture of contemporary Western society which drives increasing numbers to the psychotherapists door.
  • Biran Thorne

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Infinitely Beloved: Challenge of Divine Intimacy

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