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In the Steps of Jesus

An illustrated Guide to the Places of the Holy Lan

Author(s): Pete Walker

ISBN13: 9780745951928

ISBN10: 0745951929


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  • For a variety of reasons, many people are unable to visit the Holy Land and the other lands of the Meditteranean. This book seeks to bring these places alive for the reader. While it can be used with benefit by the traveller, it is primarily written for those at home. The focus of the book is on Jesus and the sites that are likely to be authentic.

    The text follows the chronology of Jesus life and so has an overall story line. Each chapter (or site description) includes: a description of the biblical event, any relevant previous history or associations of the site, a site description in terms of geography and archaeology, any relevant later history, and what it looks like today (maps and photographs).
  • Pete Walker

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In the Steps of Jesus

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