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In The Name of the Father: Homilies for the Extraordinary Rite

ISBN13: 9781848250277

ISBN10: 1848250274


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  • The blessing bestowed upon the Church by Pope Benedicts permission to offer the ancient Mass more frequently and freely is celebrated in these newly written sermons for the benefit of all who cherish and seek to extend knowledge of it.

    For many people, their most constant hearing of the words of Scripture takes place in the context of the Churchs liturgy. In the celebration of Sundays and Feast Days, the Church presents a selection of scriptural texts that highlight certain central truths of the faith, and open up pathways of meditation and devotion. In the Name of the Father contains meditations on the scriptural texts, especially the Gospel readings, that feature in the Calendar of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. They are, of course, also applicable to the celebration of these same Feasts in the Ordinary Calendar where the texts accord with the Proper of the Day in the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

    In the Name of the Father will be welcomed by many priests and by all who wish to meditate privately in preparation for the celebration of Mass on these Sundays and Feast Days. The homilies are complete and may be used verbatim, or as a spiritual reading source from which further themes and ideas may spring. Each homily is accompanied by a full listing of the Propers of the Day and quotations from the Christian spiritual tradition that enable us to enter more deeply not only into the words and events of Our Lords life, but also into the saving mystery which they open up for us.

    The contributors are Fr Jerome Bertram, Julien Chilcott-Monk, Fr Anthony Conlon, Fr Richard Duffield, Fr Sean Finnegan, Fr Stewart Foster, Fr Kevin Hale, Fr Dominic Jacob, Fr Nicholas Schofield, Fr Daniel Seward, Fr Matthew Talarico, Fr Anton Webb and Fr Richard Whinder.
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    I welcome this book as a contribution to the important task of understanding the fundamental unity of the one Roman Rite of the Mass, even when expressed in two Forms. It is the mystery of faith that holds us in the firm unity of the Church, and this publication can help to emphasize that fundamental unity which is one of Gods greatest gifts to us. May the Lord bless all who use this book and, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, may these words lead us more deeply into the mystery of our salvation.



In The Name of the Father: Homilies for the Extraordinary Rite

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