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In the Fire of the Burning Bush

An Initiation to the Spiritual Life

Author(s): Ivan Marko Rupnik

ISBN13: 9780802828323

ISBN10: 0802828329

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • The term "spiritual" today means many things to many people. This inspiring book gives Christians a surer footing, showing what church tradition teaches regarding true spirituality and how it can best be lived out amid the hectic pace of modern life.

    Composed of two insightful essays titled "The Spiritual Life" and "Spiritual Fatherhood: A Majestic Path for Personal Wholeness," In the Fire of the Burning Bush offers an appraisal of Christian faith that will be new to many readers. Marko Rupnik casts his net widely, drawing in helpful reflections on spirituality by ancient and patristic authors from both East and West. While accessible to all readers, Rupniks rich discussion tackles some profound subjects, including how a correct understanding of spirituality moves beyond common but false oppositions to a perspective that integrates all dimensions of life.

  • Ivan Marko Rupnik

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In the Fire of the Burning Bush

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