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In The Beginning

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  • In The Beginning is the first of a series of Religious Education l textbooks written for use with second-level students. This book seeks l to appeal to both the head and the heart in the hope that those who t study it will find something worthwhile here for love, life and worship.

    In The Beginning

    - Challenges young people to stop, listen and think about God news.
    - Nurtures a sense of personal and spiritual identity together with developing deep respect for the rights and beliefs of others. Contributes to the personal, moral and spiritual development of the student.
    - Develops intellectual knowledge and combined with a spirit of inquiry seeks to help students to carefully look at and analyse moral issues in the light of Catholic Christian values.
    - Offers students opportunities to reflect on their own and other peoples experiences.
    - Prepares students for Religious Education as a State certified examination subject.

  • Harry Casey

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In The Beginning

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