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In Search of a Universal Ethic

A New Look at Natural Law

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9781860827693

ISBN10: 1860827691

Publisher: Catholic Truth Society

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  • Do objective moral values exist? How can they be discerned and put into practice to bring human beings to peace and happiness?

    These are just two of the questions considered in this important new document from the International Theological Commission. 

    Beginning with how the Natural Law has been understood throughout history, scripture and the teaching of the Church, the Commission goes on to look at common moral values in society, and their application across diverse fields such as economics, justice and politics. 

    Ultimately however, it is Jesus Christ, the living law, who completes this picture through his saving Passion, by which he makes it possible for all people to live by the law of love.

    Scholarly yet readable, this statement is an important review and development of Catholic understanding of the Natural Law, as the Church continues her work of understanding and applying universal principles in our fast-changing world. 

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In Search of a Universal Ethic