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Imperfect Priest

Author(s): Anthea Dove

ISBN13: 9781856076401

ISBN10: 1856076407


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  • The fictitious story of the life of a Catholic priest in a large and busy parish in rural northern England. This delightful book which conveys the atmosphere of a typical English rural parish, from conflicts of the parochial house, to the very varied lives of the parishoners. The book is full of believable characters whose stories will captivate the reader.

  • Anthea Dove

    Anthea Dove lives with her husband near the sea in North Yorkshire. A former teacher, she has written many Christian books, leads retreats and quiet days, and has a strong commitment to working for social justice and ecumenism.

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    This is, unusually for this publisher, a novel about a modern priest, Fr Daniel Spring, set not in Ireland, but in a parish in the north of England and draws on the authors own background in Yorkshire. This is intended to be the story of a typical parish priest, the imperfections being those of an all to human nature, rather than the criminal horrors we have come to expect these days. This is a book which hopes to enlighten us through humour and sympathy about the realities of parish life in these difficult days. The story is charming rather than sensational, and for many I suspect this in itself will be very welcome. Anthea Dove dwells on the positive aspects of the priesthood with all its challenges and on the now very varied life that makes up the pastors daily round. Father Dan may not win a prize or become a bestseller, but many will find it a rewarding read.

    - The Irish Catholic


Imperfect Priest

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