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Ignatius of Antioch

Author(s): Kenneth Howell

ISBN13: 9780980006605

ISBN10: 0980006600

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • Ignatius of Antioch was one of the greatest leaders of Christianity right after the death of the last apostle. He suffered martyrdom in Rome during the reign of the emperor Trajan (before A.D. 117). As he traveled under Roman guard from his home in Antioch of Syria, Ignatius stopped to visit several bishops of the churches in Asia Minor. From there, he penned seven letters that provide a unique window on the faith, life, and practice of Christians in the early second century. If you want to know what Christianity was like in the time just after the apostles, here you have letters that advance the teachings of Christ and the apostles on such important subjects as church unity, the Eucharist, and the governmental structure of the church.

  • Kenneth Howell

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    As a life long admirer of Ignatius, l welcome Dr. Howells new translation and commentary. For all serious Christians interested in the early church, this book is a must, but especially for Evangelical Protestants who are now discovering the post-apostolic Church. This new edition will open many doors for true ecumenical dialogue between Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox serious disciples of Christ. It is also powerful spiritual reading.

    - Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR

    One cannot understand the early Church or Catholicism today without understanding St. Ignatius of Antioch. The man who succeeded St. Peter as bishop of Antioch and was the spiritual son of St. John the Apostle is the key to truly knowing the Christians of the first two centuries and what they believed. Ignatius seven letters give us snapshots of the faith and life of the churches of Asia Minor in a way equaled only by the Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Revelation. Now renowned convert and former Presbyterian minister Dr. Kenneth Howell highlights and emphasizes for you the similarities between this Church Fathers writings and the New Testament. He does the same with how later Christians used the writings of Ignatius. This great saint may seem like a man from a distant world, but Howell shows he is as real and pertinent in our own time as he was in his own. As a result, readers will find he helps them love Jesus Christ and His Church with the same all-consuming love that Ignatius had.

    - Catholic Word


Ignatius of Antioch