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Ignatian Spirituality

Author(s): Brian OLeary

ISBN13: 9781872245652

ISBN10: 187224565


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  • Among the many strands in Christian spirituality one of the most enduring over the past 400 years bears the name St Ignatius of Loyola. Today Ignatian spirituality is attracting followers from across the range of Christian denominations and from every walk of life. Even those who are unchurched can appreciate its open, sensitive approach to the human person. Ignatian Spirituality is written simply and clearly, avoiding polemics, but introducing readers to a rich heritage that will nourish and encourage. It is beautifully designed and illustrated, appealing to the senses and imagination as much as to the understanding.

  • Brian OLeary

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    In this book the author points out All Christians are pilgrims. We are on a journey like Abraham who set out not knowing where he was going (Hebrews 11:8). St Ignatius displays some hidden depths in pilgrimage that we may not discern. Fr OLeary assures us that through it all we are encouraged to leave ourselves in the hands of God to allow him write our personal history.

    Who but God could have created the conditions in which Ignatius was spiritually captured.

    The book starts with the well-known story of Ignatius youthful escapades, his sociability and his enjoyment as one of the lads of his day. In the course of his foolhardy enthusiasm to defend the town of Pamplona, a cannonball smashed one of Ignatius legs and wounded the other. Thus he was given the time for solitude, thought and reading. Ignatius found time to give spiritual values a hearing.

    Recovered physically, Ignatius set out for the Holy Land as a pilgrim. Exciting and soul-changing adventures were to follow.

    As the great grace of conversion developed, Ignatius went through three distinct periods: there were days of light, days of darkness and days of glory. These can occur in the lives of ordinary people but we must be meditative enough to recognize them. St Ignatius gives us the lead.

    We read of his great enlightenment on the banks of the river Cardonner - a brief period of knowing that being steeped in the Divine leads us more deeply to new understanding of the human. Ignatius was drawn away from the predominant I worldly existence towards the We of Christian living.

    This is a concise book. I would have liked more about the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius but I very much enjoyed the visual pleasure of the beautiful pictures and tasteful production.

    - Angela Macnamara, The Irish Catholic, November 2009


Ignatian Spirituality

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