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I Will See You in Heaven

Author(s): Jack Wintz

ISBN13: 9781557257321

ISBN10: 1557257329


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  • Yes, you will see your animal companion again, in heaven!

    This beautiful book is the presentation/gift edition of last years Paraclete bestseller, Will I See My Dog in Heaven? (4 printings). Now, the question mark is removed! The answer is Yes!

    Complete with space for presenting the book to a friend who has just lost, or is soon to lose, a beloved pet; prayers and blessings for all animal companions; and plenty of hope and inspiration, Friar Jack says unequivocally:

    "All creatures form one family of creation. And the more we see the implications of our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and accept the biblical vision of Gods inclusive love, the clearer we are able to say of our beloved animal companions who have died: We will see you again in heaven!"
  • Jack Wintz

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    We have a deep desire to know if we will see our pets again, and all the other lovely creatures alongside whom we now inhabit this planet. What will become of them after they die?

    A friend of mine once told me the following story:

    Anne lives in Cincinnati, where a few years ago she faced the important questions of death and eternity as she was present at the death of her dearly loved dog, Miss Daisy. Anne had befriended Miss Daisy ten years earlier when the dog, of mixed Spaniel origin, was barely one year old. With the help of her adult son, Anne rescued Miss Daisy from Cincinnatis inner city.

    'I would see her wandering around the neighborhood where I worked at an elementary school,' Anne told me. 'I came to realize that she was obviously a stray and lost, and she was adorable! I took cans of tuna to the area where Miss Daisy hung out, but she was very afraid of people and wouldnt approach the tuna till she was left alone. My rescue attempts went on for many months.'

    In time, Anne was successful in winning Miss Daisys confidence and was able to take her to her home.

    'Miss Daisy was still very shy,' Anne told me, 'but she eventually became a loyal and loving member of our family. Realizing that Miss Daisy needed a companion, I went to
    the dog pound and came home with a dog named Andy. For ten years or so, Miss Daisy and Andy were very happy companions, and both became cherished members of the
    family. But I became especially attached to Miss Daisy.

    'Eventually, Miss Daisy became ill, and we had to make the very difficult decision to have her put down. My son and I took her to the veterinarian so he could put her to sleep. We wanted the vet to come out to our car so Miss Daisy would be in familiar surroundings and we could be holding her, but he refused our request. So we had to take her inside. We laid her on the vets table on her special blanket. We petted Miss Daisy gently and spoke softly to her as the vet got everything ready to give her the injection. Miss Daisy lay there quietly for a few seconds, and then, just before the injection took effect, she lifted her head and looked directly into my eyes. I can still see that look. It was as if she knew what was going on and she was saying good-bye.'

    Anne recalls how her heart melted, and to this day tears come to her eyes when she remembers that scene. 'I still miss the loving pet who had been my dear friend for so many years. I know I will see Miss Daisy again!'

    Im sure that most of us have our own memories of being profoundly grief-stricken at the death of a beloved pet. These are not childish concerns, but the mature reflections of loving Christians.

    Many of us prefer to pose the question 'Will I see my dog in heaven?' in broader spiritual terms. There is more involved in this question than simply wondering if we will ever be reunited with a loved animal. For instance, does Gods plan of salvation include only humans, or does it include animals, too? In even broader terms, does God intend the whole created world to be saved?

    As a Franciscan friar for over fifty years, I am familiar with the stories of St. Francis of Assisi and his close relationship with animals, and these stories have informed the way that I view these things. Perhaps youve heard the stories of this brown-robed friar preaching to the birds, releasing Brother Rabbit from a trap, or letting Sister Raven serve as his 'alarm clock' to awaken him for early morning prayer. Ive known for a long time that historians have credited Francis with composing one of the first great poems in the Italian language, a poem, or hymn, usually entitled The Canticle of the Creatures. In this hymn, sometimes known as The Canticle of Brother Sun, Francis invites all his brother and sister creatures to praise their Creator, Brother Sun and Sister Moon, Brother Fire and Sister Water, as well as Sister Earth, our mother, with all her various fruits and vividly colored flowers.

    Some thirty years ago I came to the conclusion, which Ive never abandoned, that St. Francis came to see that all creatures form one family of creation. Maybe that conclusion is obvious to you, but for me this idea dawned quite gradually. The conviction has grown stronger and stronger, and this book has grown out of that conviction, and explores the implications of it. What would it mean if all creatures were one family? How would it affect us? How would it change our understanding about God, and about how we relate to God and to each other?



    [Christ] is before all things,
    and in him all things hold together. , Col. 1:17

    Gather your family and friends together for these blessings , it is good to have as much of the family of God present as possible. the name of your animal companion into these prayers.


    Blessed are you, Lord God,
    Maker of all living creatures.
    On the fifth and sixth days of creation,
    you called forth fish in the sea,
    birds in the air, and animals on the land.
    You inspired St. Francis to call all animals
    his brothers and sisters.
    We ask you to bless this animal (these animals)
    gathered about us.
    By the power of your love,
    enable him or her (them) to live according to your plan.
    May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation.
    Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures.


    Heavenly Creator,
    you made all things for your glory
    and made us caretakers of this creature
    (these creatures) under our care.
    Restore to health and strength this animal
    (this pet) that you have entrusted to us.
    Keep this animal (this pet)
    always under your loving protection.
    Blessed are you, Lord God,
    And holy is your name forever and ever. Amen.


    Loving God,
    our beloved pet and companion, (name),
    is on its final journey.
    We will miss (name) dearly
    because of the joy and affection
    (name) has given to us.
    Bless (name) and give him/her peace.
    May your care for (name) never die.
    We thank you for the gift
    that (name) has been to us.
    Give us hope that in your great kindness
    you may restore (name) in your heavenly kingdom
    according to your wisdom, which goes
    beyond our human understanding. Amen.

I Will See You in Heaven

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