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I Will Give you Rest

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  • The Sligo Council of the Knights of St. Columbanus express the hope that this booklet will prove helpful both to those who attend Church regularly and those who attend only occasionally or perhaps not at all. This booklet is possibly different to most other booklets on the Mass in the choice of material covered. (Incidentally, many of these other booklets are listed at the end under Further Reading, as an aid to those who may wish to pursue further study, or check references.)

    This booklet attempts to explain logically and in relatively simple language the origins of the Mass and its authenticity, later developments in the Mass, what the Mass entails, and how and why the Mass is such an essential and central part of Christian living. The testimonies of various people, provided on pages 11-15, particularly highlight the inestimable value of the Mass to them, and consequently to us all.

    The booklet also contains several quotations from Scripture and elsewhere to offer the reader some thought provoking messages, which may prove helpful in digesting the text on the Mass.
  • Knights of Columbanus

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I Will Give you Rest

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