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I Loved Jesus in the Night: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, A Secret Revealed

Author(s): Paul Murray

ISBN13: 9780232527469

ISBN10: 0232527466


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  • Mother Teresa hit the bestsellers lists, as well as the covers of Time and Newsweek when her personal letters were published for the first time.

    They showed how for nearly five decades she struggled mightily with belief in God. The world was
    shocked. In a culture dominated by new atheists, lambasting faith and belief as nonsense and even dangerous - Mother Teresas letters seemed to be
    further evidence of why God and faith must go away forever.

    I Loved Jesus in the Night is one priests compelling memories of the icon of compassion. Sharing anecdote and firsthand experiences, Fr. Paul Murray gives a glimpse into why Mother Teresa had feelings of being a saint of darkness. This very personal, yet powerful book is an attempt to understand the dark night experiences that she endured in the light of the Gospel and of the mystical teachings of St. John of the Cross. And something else as well - revelations of Mother Teresas sense of humour!

    Through this intimate look at her private writings, Paul Murray illumines the meaning of a life that is only now beginning to be understood.
  • Paul Murray

    Paul Murray OP is an Irish Dominican, a poet, and a professor in Rome at the University of St. Thomas. He is the author of several books that have been published in Ireland, England and the United States including A Journey with Jonah: The Spirituality of Bewilderment, T.S. Eliot and Mysticism, and four collections of poetry. He lives in Rome, and frequently lectures throughout the United States.

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    For better or worse, Mother Teresa of Calcutta has become the contemporary worlds model of piety and sanctity, arguably more visible and accessible even than the Pope. So it was all the more unsettling when Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta(ed. by Brian Kolodiejchuk) revealed that her life was one of miserable struggle against "the dark night of the soul." Dominican Fr. Murray (The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality) offers a brief but sincere effort, from a devout Catholic standpoint, to make sense of the disturbing revelations. He admits that her perseverance in devout love of God and her fellow creatures in spite of her sense of abandonment is a "mystery" but suggests that the answer may lie in her letter to a friend: "Darkness may cover your soul...but be happy it is like that-for that too is the living proof that He has accepted you."

    Poplin (education, Claremont Graduate Univ.), who spent two months in 1996 as a volunteer for Mother Teresa in Calcutta, combines a peek inside daily life at the Missionaries of Charity, an oblique account of Poplins own movement from disbelief to piety, and a call for the integration of Christian perspectives in the modern academy. These important books, Murrays in particular, go far toward reclaiming Mother Teresa from the status of contemporary stereotype of religious commitment. For most collections.


I Loved Jesus in the Night: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, A Secret Revealed

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