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I Believe within the Church

A Personal Witness

Author(s): Peter J. Cullinane

ISBN13: 9781853909221

ISBN10: 185390922X

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 60 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 17.6 x 11 x 0.8 cm

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  • I Believe Within the Church locates personal faith within the context of Christian community (Church), and relativises the Church against the bigger picture of the incarnation, redemption and human destiny. It brings believing (faith) and beliefs together as one believer's personal story, and invites readers to trace the roots of their own personal faith.


    Discovering one's own story within this bigger picture leads to where all good catechesis, religious education, homilies and pastoral practices should lead, namely to wonder and amazement, deep reassurance and trust, thanksgiving, desire and delight. The story is told in the form of narrative and direct speech addressing God; it is told as a prayer and is illustrated in order to help you reflect as you pray.

  • Peter J. Cullinane

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    This book is really like a long prayer, one man s poetical exploration of his own personal faith. Bishop Cullinane tells his story in the form of a narrative, speaking directly to God. I like this idea of speaking directly to God within the confines of a book, it reminded me a little of some of C.S. Lewis work. There is something of the diary in it which appeals to me. The text enables us to examine our own faith, reflecting on aspects of what we hold to be true in a slightly different way, for instance, the following paragraph brought home to me the whole Easter mystery in a fresh way: No longer confined by time or place he walks with us and we with him, as if in Galilee where those who got close to him discovered a person in whose presence they liked to be Now so near can we The book is also beautifully illustrated with prints from the natural world, clouds, leave etc. While this book is written from a Roman Catholic perspective, there is very little in the book that would not be familiar from a Church of Ireland devotional point of view. In summary, I found this book to be very enjoyable. I read it quite quickly but it is definitely the sort of book I will dip back into.

    - Diocesan Magazine, June 2006

    At first glance, one may be mistaken by the title of this book and think that it is an account of how a Bishop perceives the Church, today, Instead, it is a personal witness, a journey of faith, towards a Credo, within the context of the Christian community, the Church. Bishop Cullinane brings CHristains back to their roots, in the hope that it will encourage others to name and nurture what God is doing for them. By reflecting on his own life experience, interwoven with passages from Scripture, beautiful photographs, and in narrative form, this simple little book is addressed to God. This book may be helpful for those who are looking for a way of linking their own life experience within the context of their faith and what God is doing in their life.

    - The Furrow, November 2006

    Bishop Peter K. Cullinane, President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference brings believing (faith) and beliefs together on one believer s personal story, told in the form of narrative and direct speech addressing God.

    - Bookshelf, 2006

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I Believe within the Church

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