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I Am the Lord Your God - Reflections on the

Ten Commandments

ISBN13: 9780802828125

ISBN10: 0802828124

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • I Am the Lord Your God explores anew the place of the Ten Commandments in contemporary civil society, their relation to natural moral law, their relevance for Christian instruction, and their pertinence to ethical issues such as abortion, killing, homosexuality, lying, greed, and the like. Written by an outstanding group of ethicists, theologians, and Bible scholars from various church traditions - Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist - this timely work argues unequivocally for the divine authority and permanent validity of the Ten Commandments in both church and society. While including the Judge Roy Moore controversy in Alabama and other pertinent current issues in their discussion, the authors above all call the church to remain faithful to its heritage - ultimately to the Lord God - amid our postmodern culture at large. Contributors: Markus Bockmuehl Carl E. Braaten William T. Cavanaugh David Bentley Hart Reinhard Hutter Robert W. Jenson Gilbert Meilaender Thomas C. Oden Ephraim Radner R. R. Reno Christopher R. Seitz Philip Turner Bernd Wannenwetsch Robert Louis Wilken
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I Am the Lord Your God - Reflections on the

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