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I Am My Body

Theology of the Body of John Paul II

Author(s): Jim McManus

ISBN13: 9780852313879

ISBN10: 085231387X

Publisher: Redemptorist Publications (30 April 2011)

Extent: 110 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20.8 x 14.6 x 0.8 cm

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  • Timed to coincide with the Beatification of Pope John Paul II, this book is an absorbing, in-depth look at his great intellectual gift to us -The Theology of the Body.


    Fr Jim. McManus shows how John Paul's contribution was not only to expound on existing Church doctrine but, like all great thinkers, subtly to challenge ingrained perceptions. Here we see John Paul as nothing short of a radical, yet at the same time a man full of compassion, with a profound understanding of the human condition.


    This book will appeal to those wanting a deeper understanding of Catholic doctrine, anyone wrestling with what it is to be a physical human being, or those who love the writings and teachings of Blessed John Paul - whom Fr McManus holds up as "one of the great troubadours of love."

  • Jim McManus

    Jim McManus is a Redemptorist, based at St Mary's, Clapham Common, London, from where he is engaged in preaching parish missions. He also directs retreats for priests and religious in different countries. Through his books he has been promoting, over the past thirty years, a deeper awareness of the urgent pastoral need for an effective healing ministry, which is especially relevant in the Church today as we face the challenges of the New Evangelisation.

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I Am My Body

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