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Human Relationship Skills

ISBN13: 9780415385879

ISBN10: 0415385873


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  • Human Relationship Skills: Coaching and Self-Coaching presents a practical how to guide to relationship skills, showing how readers can improve and, where necessary, repair relationships. This thoroughly revised and updated 4th edition reflects the increased interest in coaching, showing how it can be applied to everyday life. In this essential book, Richard Nelson-Jones takes a cognitive-behavioural approach to coaching people in relationship skills. These skills are viewed as sequences of choices that people can make well or poorly; covering a range of skill areas the book assists readers to make affirming rather than destructive choices in their relationships. It begins by addressing the questions of "what are relationship skills?" and "what are coaching skills?", and follows with a series of chapters which thoroughly detail and illuminate various relationship skills including: listening and showing understanding; managing shyness; intimacy and companionship; assertiveness and managing anger; and managing relationship problems and ending relationships. The book concludes with a chapter on how users can maintain and improve their skills by coaching themselves.
    Accessibly written and using activities, the book will be appropriate for those involved in life coaching, as well as general counselling and therapy. It will be essential reading for lecturers, coaches and trainers as well as students and anyone who wishes to improve their relationship skills.

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Human Relationship Skills

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