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How To Simplify Your Life

Downsize and De-stress

Author(s): Naomi Saunders

ISBN13: 9780859699723

ISBN10: 0859699722

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • Most people take on too much, buy too much and expect too much. Todays sources of complexity are many - too many choices; overconsumption; technology; information overload; population density; and increased mobility. But, a cluttered and complicated life is a major factor in causing stress. Some people are so overwhelmed by their possessions and lifestyles that they cannot enjoy what they have. This book shows that less is more and suggests many practical, everyday ways of scaling life down so that it is more manageable. Topics covered include: signs you need to simplify, ie classic symptoms of stress such as short temper, forgetfulness, making mistakes, problems with eating, sleeping etc.; the benefits of a simpler life - better health and energy, more freedom and productivity, increased focus on your true goals; organizing living and work space; money; relationships: downsizing outgrown and unsatisfying friendships, negative family relationships, and too many social/work commitments; and time: how to discriminate between real and unnecessary obligations. The message is that very real benefits will result from letting go of some of the things, people and commitments in your life.
  • Naomi Saunders

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How To Simplify Your Life

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