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How to Cope Successfully with Sleeping at Night

Author(s): Beth McEoin

ISBN13: 9781903784136

ISBN10: 1903784131


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  • Good, restful, sleep is an important part of your total health, sufferers from sleep problems would give a lot for a good nights rest. There is no uniform pattern to sleep problems, a great deal depends on an individuals make-up. A poor nights sleep is often due to the fast, stressful pace of life that has now become normal, positive steps to manage stress need to be developed or a tense, wound-up state of mind results. Sleep problems include difficulties in switching off, frequent waking and a sense of being unrefreshed on waking. Other contributory factors include over-reliance on caffeine, alcohol or chemical sedatives to help us unwind. Bad working habits play a large part in preventing sound sleep. These can slowly creep up on us until they reach a problematic level before we realise that something must be done to rectify the situation. Why are we surprised that we find it difficult to switch off when trying to sleep? This book contains positive strategies to solve these problems and break the negative cycle. The major systems of alternative medicine included in this book have a different perspective to conventional medicine on the issue of sleep problems.
  • Beth McEoin

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How to Cope Successfully with Sleeping at Night

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