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How Saints Are Canonised

Author(s): Christopher Keeffe

ISBN13: 9781860824999

ISBN10: 1860824994


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  • Understanding how the Catholic Church recognises someone as a saint.

    Through baptism, all Christians are called to be saints, and yet there are also saints who are canonised by the Church. This booklet gives an overview of the history and process of beatification and canonisation in the Catholic Church - a process which has changed as the Church has developed: from the early Christians, through the Middle Ages, and up to modern times. It also explains what the Bible teaches about the saints and our prayers to them and the place of miracles in the life of the Church. The reforms of John Paul II (1983) and consolidations of Benedict XVI (2008) are included thus making the booklet as up-to-date as possible.

  • Christopher Keeffe

    Christopher Keeffe is a parishioner of Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury, Archdiocese of Westminster, in London, and is a civil servant with a life-long interest in the Saints.

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How Saints Are Canonised

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