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How My Death Saved My Life

And Other Stories on My Journey to Wholeness

Author(s): Denise Linn

ISBN13: 9781848504936

ISBN10: 1848504934

Publisher: Hay House

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  • How My Death Saved My Life is the remarkable story of author Denise Linn. In this triumphant autobiography, Denise speaks with a compassionate yet fiery conviction, born of deep pain, as she describes overcoming the horror of an abusive childhood and the terror of being stricken down by a sniper's bullet. Left for dead, the seeds of Denise's miraculous recovery and spiritual epiphany were in this moment.


    From the mundane to the mystical, follow Denise's inner and outer journeys as she grows up in various homes from a renovated chicken coop, to abandoned army barracks, to the slums of Chicago, to an Ohio farming community. Travel with her as she is fired on by a plane in Yugoslavia, is tear gassed during anti-war riots, explores the sexual revolution in the 60s, lives in a Buddhist monastery and travels to native cultures to become one of the worlds most sought after speakers and a bestselling author.

  • Denise Linn



    Denise Linn has been called "America's best-kept secret." For the last three and a half decades she has traveled to the far corners of the world speaking to standing-room only audiences of thousands. Her spiritual journey began as a teenager when she had a near-death experience after being shot by an unknown gunman. The revelations she received on the "other side" and her subsequent quest to heal her body from the damage caused by the gunman's bullet, lead Denise to eventually become an internationally acclaimed healer, writer, and Lecturer.








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How My Death Saved My Life

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