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How I Said Bah! to Cancer

A Guide to Thinking, Laughling, Living & dancing Your Way Through

Author(s): Stephanie Butland

ISBN13: 9781848505919

ISBN10: 1848505914

Publisher: Hay House

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  • This book tells how one woman said 'Bah!' to cancer through thinking strategies, a proactive approach to treatment, and a determination to keep the rest of her life going and retain a sense of humour (most of the time!). It shares everything she learnt along the way, from the nature of cancer cells and chemotherapy drugs, to how she was able to help her friends and family to help her.


    'I was never going to die from cancer. That hard lump peeping out of the top of my bra was aggressive but it was small enough to be contained, and I was young and strong and otherwise well. All the signs were good. Words like 'lucky' and 'caught in time' were thrown around like rice at a wedding. No, I was never going to die from cancer. But from the beginning, I never planned simply to survive it. Oh no. I was going to say a great big Bah! to it. Please, join in. Cancer? Bah'.

  • Stephanie Butland

          As one of only 40 Master Trainers in de Bono thinking methods worldwide, only a handful of whom are in the UK, Stephanie Butland is an expert in thinking skills and creativity. She is an active blogger and fundraiser, and uses her unique skills to offer support to cancer sufferers.


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How I Said Bah! to Cancer

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