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How Far Can We Go?

Author(s): Leah Perrault

ISBN13: 9782896461233


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  • A clear and concise guide on sex and dating in the Catholic Church.
    What does the Church say about sex and dating? Too often, Catholic teens and young adults get all their information on this topic from the secular media. If they do hear something from people in the Church, much of what is being said is misguided, impractical or both.

    This embarrassment-free presentation, designed to take seriously the concerns and social realities of todays teens and young adults, sets out a Catholic approach to dating and sexual relationships in simple, direct language. This short, entertaining and very helpful book is the result of extensive workshops with teenagers in both school and parish settings. As a result, the approach taken by the authors is both unapologetically Catholic - and definitely theologically correct - while at the same time completely open in its direct presentation of human sexuality.

    This book is a must have for Catholic teachers, high school chaplains, youth minsters, campus ministers, parents and anyone else who deals with these questions from young people on a regular basis.

  • Leah Perrault

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How Far Can We Go?

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