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How Each Child Learns

Author(s): Bernadette Stankard

ISBN13: 9781585952694

ISBN10: 1585952699


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  • Here Bernadette Stankard shows catechists how the theory of multiple intelligence can be used to creatively teach religion. She introduces readers to this theory and then expands on how this approach can broaden a childs experience of God. How Each Child Learns is filled with stories and concrete definitions that will enable parents and educators to break out of the traditional mould of teaching. With concise and perceptive writing, Stankard makes clear the benefits of using this approach in the classroom, home, and parish. She provides inventive suggestions and practical approaches, and she shows how these techniques and ideas have worked in various settings and situations. This book is a great resource for parents, catechists, and teachers.
  • Bernadette Stankard

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How Each Child Learns