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How Can I Forgive?

Faith Questions Series

Author(s): Joretta Marshall

ISBN13: 9780687054619

ISBN10: 0687054613

Publisher: Abingdon Press

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  • As a part of the FaithQuestions study series, How Can I Forgive? is designed to meet the needs of people who have questions about the Christian faith and who desire a deeper engagement with scripture and with discipleship as they explore studies of issues in theology, ethics, missions, Bible interpretation, and church history. It seeks to equip a new generation of church leaders to appreciate the eternal message of the gospel and to develop the skills to articulate its relevance in our contemporary context. The series would be a good choice for users who have completed Disciple.

    Life is full of incidents that either call for us to forgive or to be forgiven. Sometimes forgiveness is very difficult because of the nature of the offence. Does the process of forgiveness require us to excuse such actions as battering or sexual abuse? Does forgiveness mean that a Christian must remain in a life-threatening or otherwise unhealthy situation? How can I forgive someone who has betrayed me? What do I forgive, the action or the person? How do I seek forgiveness when the person I wronged will not speak to me? What are the roles of restitution, restoration, and reconciliation in forgiveness? If I say Im sorry, does that mean I can do as I like? As we celebrate communion we hear the glorious words, You are forgiven! (UM hymnal p. 8). Do we view these words as a practice that holds promise for contemporary Christians to live into the fullness of our faith? These are the questions that this study will explore. The study will develop a way of talking about forgiveness that makes sense in the contemporary world and explore practical advice for receiving and offering forgiveness through the grace offered by God in Christ. The 7 sessions will include:

    - Bible study of texts on forgiveness
    - an overview of theological guidelines for forgiveness
    - a consideration of roadblocks to forgiveness
    - an exploration of ways to accept forgiveness
    - strategies for offering forgiveness to others
    - ways to work toward creating a forgiving world
    - and a celebration of the grace of a forgiving God.

  • Joretta Marshall

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How Can I Forgive?

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