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Hope and a Whole Lotta Prayer

Daily Devotions for Parents of Teenagers

Author(s): Barbara Canale

ISBN13: 9780764825828

ISBN10: 0764825828

Publisher: Liguori Publications (1 September, 2015)

Extent: 384 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 14 x 2 x 21.6 cm

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  • Are you blessed with perfect teens? Teens who never argue, disobey, or talk back? Teens who do as they're told the very first time, or even before you ask? If your answer is "yes," then you can move on. This book isn't for you.


    If, however, your answer is "keep dreaming," "I wish," an eye roll, or any variation of the word "no," then this might be the book for you. A teenager's life is full of change, turmoil, fights, hormones, overreactions, and ideas that seemed liked good ones at the time… But so is the life of a parent of a teen, and some days you just have to throw up your hands and ask God for help.


    This book will give you 365 days of reflections and prayers to help you get through a year of "What were you thinking?!" With God's help, you might just find you can do all things - even raising a teenager.

  • Barbara Canale

    Barbara Canale is a freelance writer and columnist for the Catholic Sun in Syracuse, NY. She has been published in 11 "Chicken Soup for the Soul "books. She is the author of "Our Labor of Love: A Romanian Adoption Chronicle. "Her daughter's college years provided the inspiration for this book.

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Hope and a Whole Lotta Prayer