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Honey and Salt: Selected Writings of Bernard of Clairvaux

ISBN13: 9780375725654

ISBN10: 0375725652


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  • Bernard of Clairvaux, the twelfth-century monk who wrote that "Jesus is honey in the mouth, melody in the ear, a cry of joy in the heart," was both a mystic and a reformer. His writings reveal a mystical theology that Thomas Merton, a monastic heir to Bernards Cistercian reform, says "explains what it means to be united to God in Christ but (also) shows the meaning of the whole economy of our redemption in Christ." Critical of the monastic opulence of his times, Bernard exhorted his monks to consider that "Salt with hunger is seasoning enough for a man living soberly and wisely." Martin Luther believed that Bernard was "the best monk that ever lived, whom I admire beyond all the rest put together."

    Bernards zeal and charisma led to the reform of Christian life in medieval Europe. Today it is reported that Pope Benedict XVI keeps Bernards treatise Advice to a Pope close at hand for spiritual support. Honey and Salt is an original selection for the general reader of Bernards sermons, treatises, and letters.

  • Bernard of Clairvaux

    The HarperCollins Spiritual Classics series presents short, accessible introductions to the foundational works that shaped Western religious thought and culture. This series seeks to find new readers for these dynamic spiritual voices - voices that have changed lives throughout the centuries and still can today.

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Honey and Salt: Selected Writings of Bernard of Clairvaux

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