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History of the Papacy

Author(s): Nicholas Schofield

ISBN13: 9781860826726

ISBN10: 1860826725


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  • A short history of the many roles the papacy has played in the spiritual and temporal history of the world.

    Over its 2000-year history, the papacy has lived the full range of human experience, including war, murder and exile.

    The Popes themselves have at times been men of vision and zeal - true saints - and at other times scheming politicians and scandalous sinners; yet the institution founded by Christ himself has survived. This extraordinary booklet surveys the changing role of the Supreme Pontiff, giving an overview of the many ways it has affected the spiritual and temporal history of the world, starting with the Galilean fisherman and continuing through to Pope Benedict XVI.

  • Nicholas Schofield

    Fr Nicholas Schofield is a parish Priest and Archivist of the Archdiocese of Westminster. He has co-written The English Cardinals and The English Vicars Apostolic and writes a history column for the Catholic Times.

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History of the Papacy

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