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Christian Classics

ISBN13: 9781598560152

ISBN10: 1598560158


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  • Heretics is the companion volume to the previously published Orthodoxy in Hendricksons Christian Classics series. In Heretics G. K. Chesterton unmasks the heresies of contemporary thinking by exposing the faulty thinking of popular notions, especially apparent in the arts. An often overlooked book that contains some of Chestertons strongest writing, the author takes on the 'heresies' of modern thought, such as negativism, relativism, neo-paganism, puritanism, aestheticism, and individualism. The book includes one of his best essays: 'On Certain Modern Writers and the Institution of Family.'

    This 1905 collection of articles focuses on the eras 'heretics': those who pride themselves on their superiority to conservative views. Chestertons companion volume to Orthodoxy asseses such artists and writers as Kipling, Shaw, Wells, and Whistler with the authors characteristic wisdom and good humor.

    Chesterton was one of the spiritual influences on C. S. Lewis. Readers who appreciate the writings of Lewis will want to explore the writings of those who influenced him, including Chesterton. Heretics is now available from Hendrickson in a re-typeset and redesigned version as a welcome addition to the successful Christian Classics series.

  • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) was an English journalist, poet, biographer, historian, debater, radio personality, and novelist. One of the literary giants of the twentieth century, Chesterton constantly participated in public life, debating George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells, and maintaining on-going witty arguments with leading journalists and critics of his time. He is the author of more than 100 books on a wide variety of subjects; he is best known for his much-loved Father Brown series of detective stories and this apologetic classic.

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