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Heaven Sent - eBook

My Life Through the Rosary

Author(s): Gabriel Harty

ISBN13: 9781847304476

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 216 pages

Binding: eBook

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  • In this book, Fr Gabriel Harty tells his story in relation to the Rosary, the cultivation of his lifelong devotion to it, and the healing and grace it holds for all who partake in it. 


    After serving as a chaplain and parish curate for some years, Gabriel M. Harty OP made the decision to devote his life to the service of the Mother of God in whatever way she wished. His search led him to the Dominican Order, and he was professed a friar of the Order of Preachers in 1950. Since then, Fr Gabriel has directed all his energies to the apostolate of the Rosary. This work is a wonderful testament to that apostolate.

  • Gabriel Harty

    Gabriel M. Harty OP was born in 1921 and ordained a secular priest for the Archdiocese of Dublin in 1945.  Apart from his many preaching assignments, he has researched his subject in libraries and archives throughout Europe. He is especially interested in the healing power of the Rosary, and has established prayer groups and communities in every part of Ireland.


    He has produced hundreds of booklets, pamphlets and CDs on every aspect of the Rosary.


    Fr Gabriel Harty, the 'Irish Rosary Priest' will be in Veritas, Abbey Street next Monday to give a short talk and blessing of rosary beads. All welcome!


    Gabriel Harty

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    Having earned his title as `the Rosary Priest of Ireland, Fr Gabriel Harry or, having recently celebrated his ninety-first birthday, continues to preach the Rosary. In his latest book, Heaven Sent, Fr Gabriel reflects back on his early memories of growing up in Dublin and the many years of active service he gave as a Dominican Priest. It is clear that the Rosary has influ­enced every aspect of his life, but this book is more than just an autobiog­raphy. Although Fr Gabriel includes stories from his own life experiences along with reflections from his personal meditations, the focus of the book always remains centred on the importance of the Rosary as a prayer which invites us into the mysteries of Christ. The very title, Heaven Sent, reminds us that the Rosary was not created by any particular person, but truly a gift from God and his Blessed Mother.


    Tracing back to the origins of the prayer, Heaven Sent outlines how the Rosary evolved over the centuries and grew in popularity through the preach­ing of the Dominican Friars. True to the spirit of St Dominic, Fr Gabriel teaches why this prayer is just as important today as it was when Christians first began to mediate on its mysteries. Fr Gabriels description of the Ro­sary as `a prayer which is both simple and profound, could equally be said of his latest work. It is a straightforward and very enjoyable book, and yet, it contains the profound insights of a priest who dedicated his life to putting into practice that which he preaches.


    - Colm Mannion OP, Spirituality September/October 2012


Heaven Sent - eBook  

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