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Healing Your Family History

ISBN13: 9781401915629

ISBN10: 1401915620

Publisher: Hay House

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  • This fascinating book by Rebecca Linder Hintze powerfully and effectively communicates a key, and sometimes overlooked, piece of the puzzle relating to family dynamics. For example, have you ever wondered why some families reach a ceiling on their earning potential, struggle to have happy marriages, or have such difficult interactions with their siblings and parents? Perhaps your family has a history of sabotaging careers or thwarting their love relationships? Healing Your Family History explains that most of our individual issues originate from family blocks.

    As you read this book, youll come to understand how family belief systems store inside you and prevent individual growth by locking you into thought processes that hold you back. All families have these nonverbal belief systems, and unless you understand and heal your inherent blocks, it may be difficult to love others, move forward, and get what you want in life.

    Most people have a family . . . and we all have a reason to heal our related challenges, after all, tribal issues sit at the core of world turmoil. Those who are truly ready to heal their family dysfunction will benefit immensely from this book!

    Rebecca Linder Hintze is an emotional wellness coach. A former broadcast journalist, she frequently lectures and leads workshops in cities around the world on topics such as Healing Your Family History, Strengthening Relationships, and Resolving Marital Conflict. Rebecca is the author of a successful weekly newsletter called Weekly Wisdom, published as a public service online and in print. Shes also the author of a healing workbook entitled Its Time to Dance.

    Rebecca is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She has pursued additional private course work in neuro-linguistic programming, rapid-eye-movement therapy, visual-blueprint analysis, emotional release therapy, muscle response testing, and holistic health medicine. In 2005, she cofounded Pretty Sisters, a worldwide society for girls of all ages (for more information, see Shes happily married to Shane Hintze, and together they have four children.
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Healing Your Family History

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