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Healing Word

orthodox spirituality

Author(s): Basil of Amphipolis

ISBN13: 9780232527377

ISBN10: 0232527377


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  • Through deeply engaging the Word, writes Bishop Basil of AmphipolIs, we find oneness, or at-one-ment, with God, fellow believers and ourselves. And this oneness brings healing , a sense that the scatteredness of life has been overcome and that we have found our proper place in Gods world.

    This stirring book by Bishop Basil walks us through the intimate experience of meeting Christ in our daily lives to the thrilling realisation of our significance in a cosmos created entirely for the purpose of bringing us into relationship with him. It draws deeply on scripture, Orthodox liturgies and insights of the early Church Fathers, speaking with clarity and relevance to the world we live in today and the divisions that exist both within the Church and in its relationships with ecology, philosophy and science.

  • Basil of Amphipolis

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    It is wonderful to have a book like this from a learned, imaginative and prayerful mind, a book which so enlarges our horizons and intensifies our gratitude and delight in the new creation.

    - From the Foreword by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury


Healing Word

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