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Healing and Wholeness

Author(s): Kathleen Glennon

ISBN13: 9781856076746

ISBN10: 1856076741


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  • This book is intended for those who are ill or for those who are dying and for their carers. It provides a variety of resource material for both groups. It is a book that can be dipped into rather than one to be followed sequentially. It covers a variety of prayer forms to suit the diverse needs of users.

    The book is accompanied by a free download with nine chants. These chants can be used in a variety of ways: they can be chanted, listened to, or used in ritual. Blessings are an intrinsic part of Celtic life. The blessings offered are either old Celtic ones or ones that are Celtic in nature. We usually bless one another but an individual may also bless her/himself. A selection of prayers is offered. These can be adapted to individual needs. Litanies provide a way of praying that is repetitious. They are often a good form of prayer for a friend to use: the sick person can say the responses with little effort. The psalms contained in the book express sentiments experienced in illness. They can be prayed by the sick person, by a friend, or in a group. There are eight meditations on download that accompanies the book. You may need to pause the meditations from time to time in order to facilitate contemplation. The meditations may also be led by a friend. The rituals offered are simple and short. They can either be celebrated by a friend or be celebrated privately. It is envisaged that the leader of the rituals around death be a family member or friend. These rituals may be adapted to suit the circumstances. As well as the material offered I recommend that you use prayers that are dear to the dying person.
  • Kathleen Glennon

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Healing and Wholeness

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