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Healer from Nazareth

Author(s): Eric Eve

ISBN13: 9780281060016

ISBN10: 0281060010

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • The Healer from Nazareth asks what the truth is behind the gospel accounts of Jesus miracles. By means of a thorough examination of the evidence - historical, cultural, literary and social-scientific Eric Eve shows how these signs and wonders might most plausibly be understood.

    This is an ideal introduction to the gospel accounts of Jesus miracles and to the larger questions surrounding study of the historical Jesus. Eves balanced approach and clear style make the book accessible to readers of all Christian traditions and to non-Christians who are interested in finding out more about Jesus.

  • Eric Eve

    Eric Eve is Research Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, where he teaches New Testament. He is the author of The Jewish Context of Jesus’ Miracles (Sheffield) and has contributed the section on 1 Peter to the Oxford Bible Commentary (OUP).

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    If there was only one book to read on the miracles of Jesus, A would need to be this one. With clarity and sensitivity, bringing into play a wealth of material, Eve explores what can be known about the miracles of Jesus and what they would have meant to his contemporaries. While cautioning the over-confident and reassuring those who despair of knowing anything about the miracles of Jesus, Eve has given us a well-informed, finely nuanced and accessible treatment of this important topic.

    - Graham H. Twelftree, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Regent University, Virginia

    Given its contentious subject, one ought not to expect to agree with everything contained herein, differing even on some fundamentals. Neverless, in drawing on a wide range of disciplines, few writers offer as clear, comprehensive and thoughtful an account of the cultural setting and thus the significance of Jesus miracles - and that while handily engaging current scholarship - as does Eve. All in all, a most useful and stimulating introduction to the issues involved.

    - Rikk Watts, Professor of New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver

    This book offers an accessible, learned account of Jesus miracles as few other recent works on the historical Jesus have done. Eves mastery of the ancient sources, commitment to the social sciences, and sensitive exegetical and theological reading of the Gospels integrates approaches to the study of Jesus that are too frequently kept apart. The Healer from Nazareth is a must for anyone wishing to be informed about the context of Jesus activity and hoping to be intelligently inspired by it.

    - Loren T. stuckenbruck, B.F. Westcott Professor in Biblical Studies, University of Durham


Healer from Nazareth

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