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He's Risen

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ISBN13: 9781856073301

ISBN10: 1856073300


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  • Cardinal Newman once said, At Christmas we joy with the natural unmixed joy of children, but at Easter our joy is highly wrought and refined in character. This part of Jesus life is elusive and the Christian is not totally at ease with it.

    Part of the reason is that Jesus presence has changed and is totally new. The whole atmosphere, both physical and relational, is different from those meetings he had before with his friends. Now it is calmer, meetings usually taking place in the early morning or late at night, in a quiet place. Here the risen Christ comes as Consoler to his grief-stricken friends, bringing them back to life so that he can send them out on a mission with the good news that death has been overcome and that he is risen. It is a call to faith, faith that the aim and goal of life is to be joyful with the risen Jesus before his Father.

    Therefore, the Easter experiences must be read, pondered and prayed in a different manner from the events of Jesus mortal life if we are to experience the joy to which Newman refers. The aim of Hes Risen is to help Christians savour that joy.
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He's Risen

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