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Happiness Skills

Author(s): Michaela Avlund

ISBN13: 9781901712261

ISBN10: 1901712265

Publisher: SOL productions

Size: 21 x 14.7 x 1.4 cm

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  • Happiness Skills 

    Happiness is within the reach of everyone as we all have tremendous power to change our brains through simple, easily applied thought and behaviour adjustments.

    By simply focusing more on what goes well in our lives, we stimulate the feel good hormones which produce better physical health, more optimism and increased energy.

    We increase our capacity to overcome our problems and make good use of everything that comes our way.

    Michaela has been researching and teaching these Happiness and Wellbeing skills with adults and teenagers through workshops and power presentations over the past ten years.

    These are skills we all need in order to cope with the increasing stream of bad news and tendency to measure ourselves against impossible images of perfection.

    These are skills we need to keep ourselves well and happy physically and emotionally, skills that help us to focus better, skills that help us to create energetic, purposeful and empowering lives for ourselves. 

    Michaela explains how we now know the nourishing thoughts and behaviours that lead to optimum happiness and wellbeing, but knowing is only the beginning.

    The book includes stories of individuals who are using these skills but also offers a range of BRAIN TRAIN opportunities to either alone or in a group use these skills.

  • Michaela Avlund

    Michaela Avlund has a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and a BA in Applied Social Care. She gives workshops and lectures and produces videos to help people use these Happiness Skills.

    The website  supports the book with various interactive tools to help keep up these positive habits.

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Happiness Skills

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