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  • This is the most authoritative, complete and up-to-date book on all the facts, history and devotion of the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It includes the latest research and contributions from numerous Guadalupe experts including Fr. Christopher Rengers, Dr. Charles Wahlig, Janet Barber, Fr. Martinus Cawley and many others. Articles on over 35 topics, both scholarly and popular, include the historical roots of Guadalupe, scientific studies of the tilma, miracles and conversions, and much more. It offers the most in-depth treatment available of the biblical, liturgical, sociological, historical and scientific evidence on the Image and Our Ladys message for today. Includes many color photos.

    Juan Diego, the Indian, is passing at the foot ofTepeyac Hill. Suddenly the hill is enveloped in rays of light. The air is filled with songs and music. He halts in his steps, he looks, he listens.... he sees Mary and Mary tells him:

    `Know for certain, littlest of my sons, that I am the perfect and perpetual Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God through Whom everything lives, the Lord of all things near and far, the Master of heaven and earth. I wish and intensely desire that in this place nay sanctuary be erected. Here I will demonstrate, I will exhibit, I willgive all my love, my compassion, my help and my protection to the people. "

    "I am your merciful mother, the merciful mother of all of you who live united in this land, and of all mankind, of all those who love me, of those who cry to me, of all those who seek me, of those who have confidence in me."

  • Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate

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    Four activities essentially maternal: to love, to have compassion, to aid, to defend. Can anything more be added to the offices of a mother? If she promises to give these things, it means that she is promising to be a mother and show herself as a mother.

    - Msgr. Anget Garibay

    The Roots of Guadalupe in Catholic Spain:
    Columbus and Isabel were similar in many ways. Both were Franciscan tertiaries. Both had devotion to the Blessed Mother. Both were bold leaders who believed strongly in Divine Providence... On hearing him, Isabel became convinced that this prophetic figure had inspiration from on high.