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Handbook for Those Who Grieve

What You Should Know and What You Can Do During Times of Loss

ISBN13: 9780829442526

ISBN10: 0829442529

Publisher: Loyola University Press, Revised edition (31 May 2015)

Extent: 140 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 21.1 x 15.6 x 0.9 cm

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  •  - How can I best help someone who has lost a loved one?
     - How do I talk to a child about the death of a family member?
     - What do I need to think about before I plan a funeral?


    Confusion, bewilderment, and a lack of direction commonly surface in the aftermath of a death. It’s also the time when dealing with the issues and emotions of the experience can lead to making hasty or unwise decisions.


    In this revised edition of Handbook for Those Who Grieve, Martin M. Auz and Maureen Lyons Andrews offer concise, practical, topic-based lists and suggestions to help people immediately after a loss.


    Rather than philosophizing, theologizing, or rationalizing, the authors draw on their research and personal experiences to provide short but solid answers to help grieving people successfully deal with the countless issues and varied emotions that a person’s death is sure to thrust upon them.

  • Martin M Auz

    Martin M. Auz began his studies in grief recovery in 1978 and through the years has conducted extensive research in the area of organizational grief recovery. The loss of both his parents in 1997, less than six months apart, caused him to probe even deeper into the issues of death and grief.

    Maureen Lyons Andrews

    Maureen Lyons Andrews is the founder of her local parish’s grief recovery program, and she served as an active member of several bereavement programs in the south suburbs of Chicago. As a direct result of Andrews’ efforts, many churches, hospitals, and funeral homes in Chicagoland offer grief counseling, recovery, and support programs.

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    After twenty years of ministering to the bereaved and consulting other ministers, this is the first comprehensive book that I would recommend to those who grieve and minister. This truly is a text for life. — Deacon Ray Deabel, president-elect, National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved


    Reading this book adds to my insight into grief after forty years of medical practice. I strongly recommend it for grieving families and the professionals who assist them. — Thomas S. Patricoski, M.D., family physician, former chief of staff, Little Company of Mary Hospital An essential reference, written in laymen’s language. This book is a great service to the grieving. — Martha Burke Tressler, bereavement ministry coordinator, Family Ministries Office, Archdiocese of Chicago


Handbook for Those Who Grieve

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