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Guide to Anger Management

Author(s): Mary Hartley

ISBN13: 9781847090720

ISBN10: 1847090729

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • There is a perception that men are angrier than women, but the evidence suggests women merely express it differently, often shying away from outright expressions of hostility and rage. Society also discourages female anger, which is often dismissed, trivialized, or explained away in terms of hormones. Small wonder, then, that womens anger is often invisible, sometimes even to themselves.

    Whatever your style, A Guide to Anger Management explores how people can creatively make the most of this powerful emotion. But, while mindless rage leads nowhere, healthy anger can be a valuable emotion that enables us to deal with danger and to change uncomfortable situations.

  • Mary Hartley

    Mary Hartley is a well-established Sheldon author with several books to her credit, and is an expert on personal growth and communication

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Guide to Anger Management