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Author(s): Aelred Rosser

ISBN13: 9781568542386

ISBN10: 1568542380


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  • Guide for Lectors begins by looking at the role of proclaimers of the word throughout history, from Jewish-Chirstian tradition and the early church until after Vatican II. This historical background is followed by key insights into enhancing the proclaimation skills of lectors and gospel readers. Practical tips on preparation (pronunciation, vocal variety, rhythm, pace and volume) are combined with actual lectionary texts, with commentary, for the reader to try. The clear descriptions of scriptural languange and the different types of literature found in the Bible will help all readers to get a better sense for the readings that they will proclaim. The final section of the book takes a look at the awesome responsablity of the reader and the relationship between the proclaimer and the word.
    Guide for Lectors is a wonderful introduction for those coming to ministry for the first time, and a restorative inspiration for lectors who have been proclaiming the word since this ministry was reopened to the laity after Vatican II.
  • Aelred Rosser

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