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Grieving with Mary

Finding Comfort & Healing in Devotioni to the Moth

Author(s): Maura Hanrahan

ISBN13: 9780879463977

ISBN10: 087946397


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  • More art, music and literature have been devoted to Mary than to any other woman in history, and millions of believers make hard pilgrimages to visit her shrines every day. But why do Catholics pray to Mary in times of sorrow or need? And how does she help them develop a closer relationship to Christ?

    In Grieving with Mary, author Mary K. Doyle finds comfort and healing in devotion to the Blessed Virgin. The heavenly mother cares deeply for her spiritual children, who go in supplication to her for love, support, and sometimes answers. Doyle walks readers through the illustrious history of the many ways Catholics have of approaching Mary, and encourages readers to use one or more of the following to nurture their own personal relationship with the Mother of God:

    Hymns and prayers
    Devotional art
    Rosary beads
    Feasts and processions
    When Catholics pray to Mary (or any other saint), they ask for her intercession. The believer prays for help: Mary takes the plea before God. In prose that is clear and precise, Doyle makes clear that adoration of Mary does not replace worshipping God, but rather draws believers closer to God. Ultimately, devotion to Mary, in good times or bad, exhibits the amazing power of the unique mediation of Christ.

    Grieving with Mary includes an Appendix that offers Feast dates of the Blessed Virgin, Marian hymns and prayers, a glossary of terms, and a reference list of Marian religious and lay organizations. Also included are photographs from beautiful Marian shrines around the world.

  • Maura Hanrahan

    Mary K. Doyle is an author, speaker, and freelance writer. She earned a Masters of Arts Degree in Pastoral Theology from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. She is the author of Seven Principles of Sainthood, The Rosary Prayer by Prayer and Mentoring Heroes.

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Grieving with Mary

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