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Green Psalter

Author(s): Arthur Jones Walker

ISBN13: 9780800663025

ISBN10: 0800663020

Publisher: Fortress Press

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  • Concern for the earth and biblical faith have had an uneasy relationship: ecological theologians have often cited biblical themes of dominion or "mastery" over the land as contributing to our present environmental crisis. Walker-Jones explores Psalm genres and important metaphors in the Psalms for earth, the environment, and living things, while tracing their influence in contemporary culture, for example in recent films. He shows that the Psalms, like the earth that is our home , can be dangerous but also provide wonderful resources for life.

    1. "Like a Tree Planted": Wisdom and Torah Psalms
    2. "God, My Rock": Individual Laments
    3. Making Peace with Leviathan: Community Laments
    4. Creation and Its Importance
    5. Hymns and Liberation
    6. Let Earth Rejoice: Ecojustice in Hymns

  • Arthur Jones Walker

    Arthur Walker-Jones is Associate Professor of Theology at the University of Winnipeg and co-chair of the Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies Section of the SBL. His writings include Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation (2003).

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    Environmental issues are a lively concern for both church and society. Walker-Jones clearly and compellingly discerns that the book of Psalms is a rich resource for such reflection and action. Readers of this volume will see the psalms though a fresh lens and sing the psalms in a new key

    - Terence E. Fretheim, Elva B. Lovell Professor of Old Testament

    The Psalmists embrace the world of creation as essential in the journey of persons of faith, and Arthur Walker-Jones introduces readers to this journey. This book should be read by all who wish to explore biblical resources for a new ecological worldview.

    - Theodore Hiebert, Francis A. McGaw Professor of Old Testament


Green Psalter

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