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Grace of Ars: Relfections on the Life & Spirituality of St John Vianney

Author(s): Frederick Miller

ISBN13: 9781586174309

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • St. John Vianney, the famous Cure of Ars, is the patron saint of all parish priests. Interest in this great saint is always high, but even more because Pope Benedict XVI declared the "Year of the Priest" and held up John Vianney as the role model for this special year to honor the priesthood. Father Miller has taken many groups of priests and seminarians on pilgrimage to Ars, France, and there he has preached retreats on the life and ministry of Saint John Vianney. This work is based on his many years of personal experience at Ars, and the impact he has seen that the holy Cure has made on those who go there and learn from his inspiring life and work. These beautiful reflections focus on various aspects of the life of Vianney and the way he lived out his priesthood in the aftermath of the French Revolution , a very difficult time for Catholic priests in France. This book reveals that specific "Grace of Ars" , the unique movement of God that drew hundreds of thousands of people to Ars during his life there to receive the sacrament of reconciliation from Vianney and find peace with God and neighbor. The book will help anyone make a pilgrimage to the very place where St. John Vianney labored so long and so heroically for the good of souls and the love of God , and often in direct battle with Satan. The reader will have the experience of making a retreat in the presence of the saintly Cure, and be able to ponder the "Grace of Ars", and especially what he has to say to Priests of the 21st century , another difficult time for those who seek to be faithful to their promises to God and build up the Church of Christ. This work will strengthen priests and seminarians intheir vocations and help young men hear the call of Christ to follow him as priests. Laymen will find in this reflection on St. John Vianney a model parish priest who will inspire all to love the priesthood and pray for the sanctification of all priests, and through his holy example the Cure of Ars will help all understand that "the priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus."
  • Frederick Miller

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    The task of viewing the priesthood through the prism of St. John Vianney-s life and ministry could not have fallen into more adroit hands than those of Fr. Miller, whose success as a seminary professor and spiritual director of priests has been phenomenal.

    - Msgr. James Turro, Immaculate Conception Seminary, Contributor, Magnificat

    A wonderful invitation to learn more about this saintly model for priests. This book is a weaving of inspiration and practical application that enkindles a renewed dedication and commitment to the priesthood. It is a powerful, yet gentle reminder that the priest, who ministers to a thirsty flock, is also thirsting for the flowing waters that only Jesus Christ can supply.

    This work offers us a fresh perspective into the beloved Cure of Ars as well as a timely insight into the priesthood and what is essential for renewal. A valuable inspiration for those already ordained, and a marvelous elucidation of the priesthood for the laity and especially for those considering their own response to Christs call to serve in His sacred priesthood.

    - Rt. Rev. Charles Wright, O.S.B. Abbot, Prince of Peace Abbey


Grace of Ars: Relfections on the Life & Spirituality of St John Vianney

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