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Gospel of Luke

Author(s): Michael Mullins

ISBN13: 9781856076913

ISBN10: 1856076911


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  • Luke is a consummate artist when it comes to storytelling. His portrayal of Jesus has been dominant not only in theological, spiritual and devotional writing but also in the visual arts and the musical traditions of the church. His gospel emphasises the benevolence, care, compassion and forgiveness of Jesus manifest in the many familiar episodes, parables and teachings of the gospel. Focus on prayer, praise and joy, together with an emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit, the presence of women in Jesus ministry, concern for the poor, the outcast and the marginalised, together with a compassionate ministry to sinners and an openness to Samaritans and foreigners, all have contributed to this popular image of Jesus in the gospel of Luke.

    The author says: I offer this commentary as an aid for students of theology and as a guide for serious readers in the hope that it will deepen their spiritual and theological insight. I offer it also to those many preachers who wish to underpin their preaching with serious reading and to the many people who practise lectio divina and other forms of spiritual reading. I aim to bring up-to-date scholarship and insight to the reader in non-technical language.
  • Michael Mullins

    Michael Mullins is a priest of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. He was director of Studies at Pontifical Irish College in Rome before becoming Professor of Scripture in St John’s college in Waterford in 1975 where he served also as Dean and President until 1998. From 1998 until 2009 he was Lecturer and Associate Professor in Sacred Scripture at Maynooth and is a visiting lecturer in the National Centre for Liturgy since 1978. He is author of Called to be Saints: christian Living in First Century Rome (Veritas, 1991), The Gospel of John (Columba Press 2003), The Gospel of Mark (Columba Press 2005), The Gospel of Matthew (Columba Press 2007), The Gospel of Luke (Columba Press 2010)

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Gospel of Luke

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