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Good Neighbor

Author(s): Robert Benson

ISBN13: 9781557255822

ISBN10: 1557255822


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  • The ancient Christian practice of creating community - made relevant for today
  • Robert Benson

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    We still thirst to know what goes on behind the walls of closed religious communities, even as vocations for those communities dwindle. Sweeney has written an account of his visits to a number of Cistercians and Benedictines, who gradually draw him closer to the experience of contemplation, to "be quiet, sit down, and listen." Benson, a member of an ecumenical lay order, asks us to consider the Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia, the founding document of the Benedictines, as an oblique guide to the more loosely knit modern communities we wish to build or of which we are a part. VERDICT Reaching well beyond Catholic readership, these will be valuable to the thoughtful reader, Christian and non-Christian.

    - Library Journal


Good Neighbor

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