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Good Green Lunchbox

Author(s): Jocelyn Miller

ISBN13: 9780745961828

ISBN10: 0745961827


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  • Give your food an eco-makeover! This make-and-do book contains 16 ideas for tasty and healthy lunches and picnics which at the same time highlight a range of ethical issues around sourcing food. In preparing lunchtime and picnic snacks, these activities encourage the use of seasonal, locally sourced and fairtrade products as well as encouraging children to consider how their lunch is packaged to minimise resources.

    Photos and step-by-step guides show children how to make appealingly tasty yet nutritious food including bean burgers, pizza pods, popcorn, lemonade and vegetable crisps as well as their own handy packaging.
  • Jocelyn Miller

    Jocelyn Miller has been enthusiastic about 'make-and-do' crafts since she was little and as a teenage babysitter was very keen to devise fun projects for her charges. She has also worked with children at summer holiday schools. Through this expeience she has grown very aware of the need for crafts to be simple enough for everyone to get a result and open-ended enough to allow for exuberant creativity.

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    The light green shopping and information blog
    This book is easy to understand, has step-by-step guides to explain it all and is full of healthy, child-friendly, easy-to-make snacks. My daughter wants more of these fun activities to do! 4.5/5

    - The Green Familia


Good Green Lunchbox

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