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Godzone: A Guide to the Travels of the Soul

Author(s): Mike Riddell

ISBN13: 9780281062522

ISBN10: 0281062528

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • Godzone is a book of mystery and illumination, a guide-book to the travels of the heart. With humour, story-telling and captivating originality, it entices the reader to join its hitchhiking author on the most important journey of all.

  • Mike Riddell

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    Godzone is delightfully written, rich in metaphor and stories, and resonates with the reality of faith in everyday life. Its most extraordinary achievement is that the Christian spiritual journey is navigated without using religious language. I dont know of any other book that does this as well. When I first came across Godzone I bought 50 copies to give away.

    - Jonny Baker


Godzone: A Guide to the Travels of the Soul