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Author(s): Nancy Mclaughlin

ISBN13: 9780819222671

ISBN10: 0819222674


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  • Ever been asked to be a godparent? If you have, and you and the childs family are not a practising Christians, it is probably something you agreed to without too much thought beyond how much to spend on a Christening present.However, if you are a Christian (regardless of whether or not the childs parents are), there is more to it. This lovely book looks at what that "more to it" actually entails. It isnt just for Christians, and might get non-Christians more interested in what is actually an important role in the life of a child.Covering areas such as the centrality of Baptism, the history and theology of Baptism as well as practical areas, such as hints and tips of things to do with godchildren and how to nurture them spiritually, this is an incredibly useful book that also makes the reader think about what they are entering into. This is an under-published area and this book should prove popular with people who are to become, or have recently become, godparents.
  • Nancy Mclaughlin

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